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Bearing Monitor

Category:[Company News] Time:[2011-10-09] Author:[HaoXing]

 Application number: 93207685.8
Open (2006.01): CN2160902

Invention (2006.01): Chengming 
XiaWeide WangLu BingXingquan ZhangZhenchun Yang

      The invention relates to a radial bearing can automatically monitor the amount ofbearing wear monitoring device, installed on a shaft in the bearing is equivalent to thepermanent magnet generator rotor ringmagnetic ring in the corresponding upper and lower body location to install two probes, probe generated within the induction coilEMFthe probe and the composition of the gap magnetic sensors, shaft sinking when the bearings wear, the magnetic gap with the smaller probepotential changes inducedby the changing magnification drive wear indicating instrument displaythe probeproduced induced current as the probe amplifier drive currentThe utility model can be applied in a variety of mechanical devicesespecially for sealed magnetic drive pump.